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Karin Kersten, the versatile designer and owner of Beardie Designs and a careful collector of antique samplers, is going to launch the first volume of her two books, fully inspired by and dedicated to the Dutch samplers of the past.

"Who does not recognize the unmistakable North European sampler motives? I believe, we all know them and see them and sometimes even stitch them. Nowadays, Dutch samplers motifs can be found on a lot of old and new samplers. Even in the primitive style and/or shabby chic style, so fashionable, you can see a lot of these motives.

When I started designing I used them for my samplers from a particular area in Holland. Then I included them in the accessory sets and in the last couple of years I have made reproductions of real antique samplers, where I also found these motives. This book gives you a number of different Dutch sampler motifs, but with a twist.
Most of them are stitched, not only with cross stitches, but also with special stitches, hence the "twist".
This volume is based on the epoch-making, Dutch book
Merklap Motieven, from Alberta Meulenberg-Nieuwburg, of which Karin owns one of the very rare copies left available at present and which she has freely drawn much of her inspiration from: "I have simply started 'playing' with these motifs, using special stitches wherever possible", Karin adds, concluding: "Then, instead of using them on a single large sampler, which you can hang on the wall, I asked my model stitchers to finish them any way they liked... And you can see the results in this book... A number of different finishings, like  a pinkeep, an ornament, a bag, a box, a mobile phone holder, a tissue holder and much more!".

This first book consists of 37 charted Dutch motives with a twist, i.e. renewed with that "something more" and divided over 11 different themes, including alphabets, borders, and free charts to make your own, personal and unique, sampler composition!

Dutch Sampler Motifs with a twist    


I Quaderni di Caterina: Tuscan Memories    

First issue of the year's publication I Quaderni di Caterina which collects the works of the main cross-stitch designers on a specific theme
This first issue contains 9 exclusive designs entirely dedicated to Tuscany signed by:

  • Karin of Beardie Designs
  • Kate of Bothy Threads
  • Sharon of Crescent Colours
  • Cynthia of The Drawn Thread
  • Linda of Lizzie Kate
  • Marie-Thérèse Saint-Aubin
  • Marie Suarez
  • Michael Powell
  • Nicoletta di Niky's Creations
A must have at an extraordinary price for all those who love cross-stitching!

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